Mini Felt Halloween Picture Book

I made this little Halloween book last year for Bryce and was actually quite surprised at how much he liked it.  I’m not sure why…but he does!  I didn’t end up putting it away with the rest of the Halloween stuff and he as been looking at it all year.

It was super simple to make and so I thought that I would post a few pictures of it just in case any of you would be interested in copying it and making one for your little ones!

Here’s the front:

And here’s the rest of the book:

(a black cat and a spider)

(a candy corn and a jack-o-lantern)

(a Frankenstein and a ghost — ironically, Frankenstein’s neck fell off right before I took this picture and I didn’t feel like fixing it!)

(a bat and a witch)

All that I did was take a few pieces of black craft felt and cut it into rectangles for the pages.  Then I seriously just used scraps to create the pictures on the pages.  As you can tell from the pictures, I didn’t have a pattern of any sort when I made this and I’m sure any of you could come up with much more attractive pictures! 🙂  I used the hot glue gun to glue the felt and the googly-eyes on the pages.

After all of the pages were assembled, I used some sharp scissors to make a tiny hole in one corner of each of the pages.  I inserted a book-ring into the holes on the pages to keep the book together.  I didn’t like the look of the silver book ring so I cut skinny pieces of orange and white felt and tied them around the ring.  Not only did it make it look nicer, but it ended up making the book more sturdy as well.

Anyway, if you’re bored (ha-ha…when does that ever happen?!) and you want to make a cute little Halloween picture book for your kids, then feel free to copy (and improve upon) mine! 🙂


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