An Historical Endeavour

The Endeavour Shuttle took a farewell lap around Southern California last week and me and the younger boys waited anxiously to catch a glimpse.  I have to admit, I was screaming like a three-year-old when it was passing overhead.  We were jumping up and down and I think the word “awesome”, “cool”, and “wow” were exclaimed about fifty times.  It was so close to our house!  Of course I only took pictures when it was further away from us because we got all caught up in the moment, but I’m still happy with them.  I borrowed other pictures from some of Michael’s co-workers as well.  He got to miss an hour of work waiting for it 🙂  I don’t know if Riley will remember it, and I’m pretty sure Ty won’t, but I think it’s important to try to find these historical moments and make them important in your kids lives.

Let's Hear It Mommies!

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