31 Halloween Crafts and Activities to do with Kids

I have Halloween on my mind! 🙂

Doesn’t Mason make the cutest little pumpkin EVER? 🙂

Anyway, last October, I made it a goal to do a Halloween craft or activity every day with Lizzie and she LOVED it.  She still remembers every craft and she is so excited to do it all over again this year!

I have compiled a list of 31 crafts and activities that you can do with your kids during the month of October.  I’m planning on using it as a Halloween Countdown and I’m going to do one each day with my kids, however, you don’t have to do it that way if you choose not to! 🙂

1. Halloween Countdown Craft (we have made this cute little pumpkin for the past few years and we have hung him on our front door.  This year, however, I think that I’m going to have Lizzie and Bryce each make their own and hang it on their bedroom door).

2. Make caramel apples (or a dip)

3.  Make and play with Pumpkin Pie Play dough (I’m giving my kids Halloween shaped cookie cutters and googly eyes to go along with the play dough)

4. Candy Corn Man Craft

5. Carve or paint real pumpkins (or decorate with sticky-back foam pieces)

6.  Eat spider sandwiches and make a  Hand Print Spider Craft

7.  Make mini pumpkin pies

8. Pumpkin Paint Stamping (cut a mini pumpkin in half and have the kids dip it in paint and then stamp it on construction paper)

9. Q-tip skeleton craft (I think that this was Lizzie’s favorite from last year!)

10.  Make Halloween necklaces or bracelets using Halloween colored pony beads.  Or, for boys, you can have them string the beads on pipe cleaners and make Halloween magic wands.

11.  Make candy corn cheese bread and make a  Candy corn tissue paper craft

12.  Make paper plate Jack-o-Lanterns

13.  Make and decorate Halloween-shaped sugar cookies (we are going to try out this recipe)

14. Make pumpkin candy bracelets or necklaces

15.  Eat ghost toast and make a Hand print Ghost Craft

16.  Pipe Cleaner Spiders

17.  Cotton Ball Ghost Craft

18.  Make mini jack-o-lantern pizzas for dinner and watch”The Nightmare Before Christmas” as a family

19.  Jack-O-Lantern Popsicle stick puzzle craft

20.  Eat edible eyeballs and make egg carton eyeballs

21.  Make marshmallow pumpkin pops

22.  Visit a pumpkin patch and make a toilet paper roll pumpkin patch craft

23.  Make a paper plate cat (here or here)

24.  Make spider webs (use a white crayon to draw a spider web on a piece of white paper.  Have your kids paint the paper with black water color and the spider web will magically appear).

25.  Make Spider Web Pumpkin Pancakes (they look like this)

26.  Make and eat banana ghosts and make some  Melting Ghoulish Ghost’s

27.  Eat mummy dogs and make a  Paper plate mummy craft

28.  Make a “Changing Jack-o-lantern

29.  Make and eat “Witch Hats

30.  Make Pumpkin Buddies

31.  Make paper plate ghosts

There are so many great ideas out there…it can be so hard to pick and choose sometimes!

I hope that I gave you a few ideas! 🙂

I know that I’m sure excited for all of these!  In fact, I may be more excited than my kids. 🙂


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