Worry My Life Away

This morning, I took off Ty’s jammies to get him dressed for church and I gasped in shock at what I saw.  As I looked down at his belly button, it was protruding and hanging out at an odd angle.  I thought he had developed a hernia overnight and there was something seriously wrong.  On closer inspection, I realized it was only a Cheerio that had landed in just the right spot.  I took the Cheerio off, fed it to him (of course), and moved on with my day, letting go of the barrage of worries that had filled my mind.

I am a worry wart.  If Ty sleeps through the night I have to make sure he didn’t somehow suffocate before sending up prayers of thanks.  If Michael is 2 minutes late, I have already thought of all the ways he could be dead before he walks in at the third minute.  In my every day tasks I’m worried that I’m not motherly enough, not clean enough, not good enough.  My life is filled with worry, worry, worry.

A song played on the radio the other day while I was on my way home from dropping off Mikey at Kindergarten.  It was that Jason Mraz “Remedy” song.  The chorus says, “I won’t worry my life away.”  Again and again and again.

So I won’t.  No I won’t.  I won’t worry my life away.





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