Get Active — Halloween Style!

I wanted to come up with an activity that would involve physical activity and Halloween.

So…I made 12 Halloween bean bags and this is what I came up with!

First, make some beanbags.  Mine were super fast and easy to create.  I just bought some white, black, yellow, and orange craft felt pieces and got to work.

I made it easy on myself and free-handed everything.  For the ghosts, pumpkins, and “boo” signs I put two pieces of felt together and cut out the desired shapes.  I used my hot glue gun to attach the letters as well as the faces.  For the candy corns, I used white felt as the triangle base and then hot-glued the yellow and orange colors on top of the white.

Since my sewing machine and I are not on speaking terms at the moment, I also used my hot glue gun to enclose the bean bags.  The whole process was really quite fast!  And my little Brycie-boy was such a wonderful assistant. 🙂

There are endless options of how to play with beanbags, but here are some of the things that we do with ours:

1.  Have the kids line them up in a straight line and walk across them to practice their balance.

2.  Line them up with a space in between each beanbag.  Go down the line and jump over each beanbag.  You can also run down the line and do a “crazy eight” around each beanbag.

3.  Have the kids pick their favorite beanbag and put it on the floor in front of them.  Have them hop over it forwards, backwards, and side to side.

4.  Have the kids balance a beanbag on their head and try to walk around with it.  Also try to have them squat and stand back up with the beanbag on their head.

5.  Try to balance the beanbag on various body parts (foot, leg, shoulder, etc.)

6.  Play “hide and seek” with the beanbags.

7.  Play the “Spookey Pokey” (hokey pokey) with the kids while asking them to hold their favorite beanbags.

8.  Ask them to tough different body parts with their beanbags.

9.  Play catch.

10.  Play beanbag toss.

11.  Fly fast like a ghost while holding a ghost beanbag.

12.  Stand in a triangle and toss the traingle-shaped candy corn beanbags around.

13.  Line up the beanbags close together and see how many you can jump over (a.k.a. the long jump)

14.  Arrange the beanbags in various shapes and run/walk around them.

15.  Do jumping jacks while holding a Jack-0-lantern beanbag.

Most importantly, have fun! 🙂


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