Family Halloween Costumes

We (okay, maybe just me) love to dress up as a family for Halloween.  I am fair about it.  There are so many chances to dress up, and the kids have so many dress ups, that they get to be whatever they want to school or whatever Halloween party they are attending.  But on Halloween (or the night we have our Trunk-of-Treat) we will match.  We already have this year planned out but I’m not done scavenging for costume parts so I won’t reveal just in case it doesn’t work out.  We’ve done the Pirate thing, Michael was a magician and I was the bunny in his hat, we were the Incredibles.  I found some cool ideas in case you haven’t thought of anything yet.  And I’ll probably be using some of these in the years to come 🙂

This is really cute and I’ve never seen it done before.  Could be done even simpler than this too.

Love that each person is a different super hero

Riley would never take his marshmallow costume off

So cute and funny and I think Michael and the boys would love this.  Saw a cute tutorial on how to turn a sweatshirt into a shark head HERE.

Michael actually wants to be Waldo this year amongst what all of us already are.  But this is cute too.

Hope this helps and if anyone wants to share their awesome ideas with me, I’d love it!

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