Ty-Ty Turns One

This happy little guy turns one today.  I think time goes faster with each child.  I can remember being pregnant with him like it was yesterday.  And, he’s the easiest baby ever so he’s kind of just drifted into being a one-year-old without causing any trouble.  I am going to be selfish and just list a few things I’d like to remember when he’s moving out of the house and these baby days are long behind me.

*We call him Bubsy-Wubsy and he loves it when we tell him we “wubsy” him.

*He loves that small potato show on Disney Junior.  He gets the biggest smile and crawls to wherever he can hear it.

*Has such a sweet temperment and rarely cries or throws tantrums.

*Shows loves to Momma, Daddy and brothers in his own special ways.

*Finally sleeping through the night….I think

*Will eat anything (even jalepeno Cheetos and pepperocini peppers)

*Is always hungry

*Drinks water really well and makes a smacking noise when he wants us to bring him his drink

*Loves to read and sing and dance

*Has a crazy happy dance he’ll do when he’s in a good mood

*Loves his binki but gave up his bottle months ago

*Loves to do tricks and make people smile

*Waves at everyone

*Things everything is a phone to say “Heh” to daddy

*Has 3 teeth but is getting at least 3 more

Thanks for letting this be my personal journal for the day!  I sure to love this little Ty-Ty and am so grateful he’s in our family.  He is special.


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