Felt Button Turkey

I saw this idea a few years ago and finally got around to making one this year.

I just think that it’s the cutest thing! 🙂

It’s a little button toy to help your little ones practice their buttoning skills.

It was really fast and easy to make!

Materials Needed

Felt (brown, orange, green, red, blue, purple, and yellow)

Buttons (3 orange, and 1 each of green, red, blue, purple, and yellow)

1 pair of googly-eyes

Needle and thread (I used coordinating colored thread, but it’s not necessary)

Hot glue-gun

Batting (just a little bit)


1. Cut the pieces.  You need 2 brown circles, 6 different colored feathers, 2 feet, 1 beak, and one gobbler.

2. Sew the buttons onto one of the brown circles.  Put 2 orange buttons on the bottom for the feet.  Space the other buttons around the top and side of the circle for the feathers.

3.  Cut small slits in the feathers and feet pieces so that they will be able to fit on the buttons.

4.  Hot glue the googly-eyes, the beak, and the gobbler to the same brown circle that the buttons are sewed on.

5.  Hot glue the second brown circle to the bottom of the circle with the buttons.   Before you finish gluing it together, stuff the circles with a little bit of batting to make it poof a bit.

6.  Place your feathers and feet onto the turkey and give it to your child to play with!

Have fun! 🙂


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