Simple and Inexpensive Felt/Magnet Board

This could not have been an easier project.

It took less than a minute!

But it is so incredibly useful!

It’s a magnet board (for ABC magnets, etc.) AND a felt board…in one!

I bought a cookie sheet from the dollar store (for the magnetic side).

And then I hot-glued a piece of craft felt to the back of it (for the felt board side).

I just had to trim a tiny bit off of the width of the felt in order for it to fit exactly.


Lizzie wanted a purple one and Bryce requested a red one.

They each have their own little space in which to play with magnets and create beautiful masterpieces with felt!

My kids love it when I sit down next to them with my box of scrap felt.Ā  I just go crazy cutting a variety of shapes per their requests.

Playing with a felt board never gets old.


Have fun!



3 thoughts on “Simple and Inexpensive Felt/Magnet Board

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