So Life Isn’t Perfect….And Neither Am I

There are a lot of people I know that I look at sometimes and think, wow, their life seems perfect.  Even I know enough to say ‘seems’ instead of ‘is’, but even then, I know that it probably isn’t true.  I know that everyone has their specific issues that keep their life from being perfect.  Who knows, maybe someone even looks past my eyes that alternate between tired and stressed out, and think I have a perfect life too.  I do have it pretty good, I’m not going to lie.  But I do have those moments where I definitely think things could be better :).

My imperfect mommy moments just in the last week:

I was talking to my sister and Riley was standing next to me trying to get my attention.  I could tell he was doing something unusual by my sister’s glances his way, but I kept pushing him off so I could finish what I was saying.  When I finally turned to him, I saw he was making funny faces at me with a plastic bag on his head.  Yes…best mom ever.  My sister said she didn’t say anything because she thought I let him do that all the time.  Ha ha.

Picking Mikey up from school can get pretty hectic.  We usually park in a pretty good spot and make good time.  Last week I heard parking cops were giving tickets to anyone who parks in that area now, so I went searching for a new spot.  I couldn’t believe it when I found a spot a little ways away from where I meet Mikey and no one was there!  When I got back from Mikey’s class, I realized why no one was there.  I had parked on the cross walk and the crossing guard lectured me while I tried to buckle my kids in as fast as possible so people could stop going around my car.  Sometimes I’m not all there.

I was cleaning up the living room while dinner was cooking, trying to make the house look like I did something that day before Michael got home from work.  I heard a loud bang and Ty screaming from the kitchen.  I ran in there and he was sitting on his bottom right next to the now open oven.  He must’ve held onto the bar and fell over to open it.  I checked his hands and luckily he had been too scared from the fall to grab inside the door, but I felt horrible!  Bad mommy moment #1,238,998.

Even with all my mistakes…Riley stopped me from shutting his door at bedtime and said, I really love you, Mommy.  And I like you.  A lot.

While I am trying to rise above my imperfections, sometimes life will throw me a couple of bumps.

Yesterday I had so much planned for the day and for some reason I kept putting it off and putting it off.  Mikey was home from school for Veteran’s Day and one extra body in the house really put me off my game.  I finally decided to leave a little bit early to Mikey’s basketball practice and run some much-needed errands.  I had all the kids buckled in the car when I looked down and noticed that our rear, left tire was all the way flat.  Like metal on concrete flat.  I actually said a prayer of thanks that I even noticed it because I’m not known to be the most observant person.  It could’ve been worse if I had driven all over on it.  I got the kids out of the car and locked the door and closed it and then realized that my keys were in the ignition still.  Woops.  Locked out of the house and couldn’t go anywhere.  Once again, I was saved because since our house is for sale we have our keys in a lock box on the door and I was able to get those out and get inside.

Later that night, I started getting increasingly nauseated.  There has been this crazy flu going around our social circles and Ty is the only one in our house that has had his flu shot.  I went to bed at 9 and woke up to sounds of Michael retching.  Not because he was sick, but because Mikey had thrown up all over his bed and pajamas and Michael was cleaning it up so I wouldn’t have to do it while I was sick.  He sat with Mikey all night and watched him puke in a bowl over and over when that is his least favorite thing to do.  He even got to call in sick today and go get a new tire for the car and run my errands so I could rest all day with my little sicko child.

So yes, things aren’t perfect.  Like is sweet and sour.  But we can decide whether we dwell on the lemons or the sugar and whether we can make life say, “What?!”


One thought on “So Life Isn’t Perfect….And Neither Am I

  1. Last I commented was your Have a Little Faith post. I need to pop in here more, love your posts. Thank you for posting something imperfect. The blogosphere is full of fancy facades lol. We currently have an apple on the floor in the bathroom. I don’t know why. I haven’t tossed it yet either. I don’t know why. Tomorrow, tomorrow. I’m imperfect, too!

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