Pray for Luke!

We found out on Tuesday that our dear friends nearly 6-month-old baby boy, Luke, has cancer.

Yes, the dreaded “C” word.

A mother’s absolute worst nightmare.

I felt my heart literally drop to my toes and the tears began falling.

He’s only 6 months old! 

Only a few short months younger than Mason, which makes it feel so much closer to home.

There is absolutely nothing in this world more innocent and joyful than a baby.

Just look at that cutie!

If that picture doesn’t motivate you to pray, I’m not sure what will.

How can his parents possibly cope with this news?

They seem to be doing much better than I would be doing if I were in the same situation!

We don’t live near our friends now, but we did visit them when Luke was only a few weeks old.  He is such a precious little baby!  And he belongs to a wonderful family.

Why does it seem that such hard things happen to the best of people?

When I found out about this sweet baby boys diagnosis, my own three babies were already asleep.  The only thing that I wanted to do was wake them up all up and hold them close.  Especially Mason.

I couldn’t sleep last night, and I don’t anticipate much sleep tonight either.  I can’t turn my emotions off.

The lump in my throat just won’t go away.  I am on a continuous verge of tears.

My heart is aching for Luke.

My heart is aching for his parents, Katie and Danny.  I hope and pray that they have the strength to get through this!

My heart is aching because I long so badly to do something, anything, to help and I know that (due to my distance from them) there is absolutely nothing that I can do but pray.

All day today I didn’t want to put Mason down.  I wish that I could be close to Luke and give him my love, but I can’t.  So I suppose that I’m psychologically transferring my longing to hug Luke to completely smothering my own baby.

Last night, as soon as Mason made a single peep, I rushed to him.  Normally, I would have waited to see if he would cry himself back to sleep.  But not last night!  I nursed him, held him close, and cuddled him for nearly an hour.  Twice.

I’ll do the same thing tonight, and who knows how many more consecutive nights.  I don’t have the strength or desire right now to allow my baby to “cry it out” in an effort to sleep train him.

There are more important things in life than a well sleep-trained baby.

Today, I tried to focus a little more on those more important things.

When Bryce woke up and began pounding on his door, as usual, I tried not to get upset.  When Lizzie and Bryce fought about their cereal bowls and spoons, I ignored it.  When Bryce ran around the house and refused to allow me to put his shoes on so that we could get in the car, I chose to be patient.

There are more important things in life.

Why does it matter if there is clutter all over the kitchen counter?  Junk that I can’t seem to ever find a home for?

Why does it matter that the house looked like a war zone this morning because the toys never got put away last night, as usual?

Does it really matter that the laundry rarely gets folded and put away?

No, it really doesn’t.

Why do I waste my time thinking about and feeling bad about such insignificant things?

These things really don’t matter.

The only thing that truly matters are the people in your life and your relationships with them.

We all have the opportunity to choose how we occupy our time.

Today, I’m choosing to spend my time doing the things that matter most.

I’m choosing to smother my kids with hugs and kisses.

I’m choosing to be filled with joy and gratitude every single time I look at each of my children.

I’m choosing to not sweat the small stuff.

And I am surely going to pray like crazy for sweet little Luke and his family.

Could you all pray as well?

I’m sure that they can use all of the prayers that they can possibly get.

You just never know what life will throw in your direction.

Sometimes, the only thing that you can do is pray.

Pray hard for Luke!

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Pray for Luke!

  1. My heart is aching. Some moments, some encounters in this life are so, so very hard to understand. I’m wordless. I want to do something. I am praying as I write, I will pray in my sleep, I will pray and pray. Precious baby and your family, I don’t know you, but as my little brother in humanity, we love you and pray for you. Please keep us posted. I tweeted your link to spread more prayers.

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