Alphabet Egg Carton Game

Tara and I have both been blog slackers this past week.  We have had other things on our minds (along with having our family come and visit us for the Thanksgiving holiday) and this blog quickly took the back seat! 🙂

Anyway, I wanted to share this super easy alphabet egg carton game that Bryce and Lizzie both enjoy.

But first…are you still praying for Luke?

Keep praying!


And while you’re at it, pray for our friend, Tessa, who is fighting cancer for the 3rd time.

Man, hate is a strong word.  But I really do hate cancer!

But I suppose that there is a purpose for it in the whole scheme of things…right?

Anyway, I’m changing the subject.


All that you need for this game is alphabet beads (I found mine at Wall-mart in the craft isle), a few egg cartons, and alphabet stickers.

Aren’t those beads aesthetically pleasing?

Using the alphabet stickers, place one letter in each egg cup.  I placed mine in order, although you don’t have to.

To play, grab a bead.

Then look at the bead and identify the letter (or sound, or think of a word that begins with that letter, etc.)

Then place the bead in its correct spot.

That’s it!

Keep going until the beads are gone or until your child doesn’t want to play anymore.

Bryce loves the alphabet beads.  He always looks for his favorite letter first – “B” for “Bryce”.

Have fun!



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