Goodbye Shonda

We are moving this weekend.  It is definitely a bitter-sweet moment.  We really, really have outgrown this house and it is time to get something bigger.  But…this has been such a good home for us.  When we moved in, Mikey was 18 months old and could walk under our kitchen table without hitting his head.  Now he’s more than half my height.  I could sit here and list all of the big and small ways that living here has affected our life and all of the things these walls would say about how our family has grown, but I will settle with a few pictures of how we spent our morning:  Waiting for Shonda.

Every morning for the past four years one or all of my children have waited at the window to run out and say hi to Shonda and watch her take our trash away.  She is a gem of a woman.  So kind to my kids and always honking and waving and asking them how they’re doing.  Today was Riley’s last trash pick up day so he drew her a picture and waited impatiently.

Saying goodbye to Shonda started the process that will happen over the next few days of saying goodbye to four years of memories.  Thank you house and thank you Shonda.


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