Something About a 10-month-old

There is simply something special about a 10-month-old baby.


When Lizzie and Bryce were 10-months-old, I remember wishing that they could stay that age for a bit longer.

With Mason, however, the longing to keep him as a cute 10-month-old baby is so much stronger.


This kid has me wrapped around his little chubby finger.


He is nearly 11 months and I still nurse him a lot.  An awful lot.  This is new for me.  The older two kids were pretty much weaned by this age.  As far as nursing is concerned, I see no end in sight with this little man.  And he has eight teeth!  I’ll be honest, he bites so hard every so often that I scream.  Yet I still allow him to nurse because he loves it so much.  And, frankly, I love it just as much as he does. 🙂


He loves pushing things around the house.  This truck is currently his favorite push toy.  Sometimes it goes really fast, but Mason runs along with it until he eventually falls down.  Then he picks himself back up to start all over again.


Mason loves his toys.  He plays with all of them.  Toys that the older two kids barely touched have finally been adored by Mason.


Believe it or not, he is our first baby who refuses to leave our Christmas tree alone.


He’s fascinated with the lights and the sparkly ornaments.



He knows that he shouldn’t be touching the tree.  Whenever I try to reprimand him, he gives me this irresistible smile.


Truly, he’s too cute for words. 🙂

I give Mason a bath nearly every single night before I put him to bed.  He loves the water!

I was fortunate to get this picture of him.  He doesn’t sit still when he’s naked.  I struggle getting him in his pajamas every single night!


He is starting to eat normal food now.  I still feed him plenty of baby food (mostly veggies and fruit), but he loves big people food!


Often, when he is finished eating, I do my “witch laugh” at him.  He thinks it’s so hilarious for some reason! 🙂



When I was making lunch today, Mason entered the kitchen pushing this folding chair.



He also had a car in his hand.  One of his obsessions lately is standing up on chairs and rolling cars on top of the seat.



Oh, I just love this little man!


He is an absolute joy and I don’t know how I ever survived without him!

I am one extremely blessed woman.

I thank God every day for my three beautiful blessings.

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