The Forgotten Child


Today I earned this Bad Mom ribbon.  Truly, truly.  I, myself, cannot believe what I did.  I hope in sharing this, you will all feel better about yourselves, and not ever do what I did.

I packed up my younger kids in the car half an hour before Mikey got out of school and was driving my usual route to his elementary school.  The phone rings and it’s the school’s number.  I think for sure that it is another automated message from them telling me that Mikey needs to buy something or wear a certain color.


It was the secretary of the school telling me that Mikey had been out of school for an hour and a half and they were wondering if we were going to pick him up.  What!?!?!?!

I didn’t get the automated message telling me that one!  I told them this.

They said I should always check my Monday Messages.

What?  What is a Monday Message?  I really am an oblivous mother!

After THE PHONECALL, I got stopped at every red light on the way to his school.  I would’ve been late even if he had gotten out at his usual time.

I got to the office, dragging my half-dressed baby and Peter Pan costumed three-year-old in tow.  I apologized profusely but I could see the way they were looking at me and my three boys.  It was that look of “no wonder she forgot her child.  Look at her.  Look at her kids.”

Now I know we look crazy at times, but I didn’t think I would ever forget my child.  I even told his this last week when a little girl in his class was crying that her mom was late and he said he worried sometimes I would forget him and I PROMISED it would NEVER happen to him.

So much for that.

I felt like I was bowing out of a room filled with royalty, holding onto my little ones and saying sorry over and over again.

He said he only cried a little bit.  And he was only mad a little bit.  And he still loved me a lot a bit.

I breathe a sigh of relief that bad moms are loved too and hope this never happens again!

Let's Hear It Mommies!

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