Christmas Crafts

I’m surprised it’s only December 11th!


It has been a pretty busy month so far.  I have been trying to focus on enjoying every single day of this Christmas season and I’m pleased to realize that my efforts have not been in vain.  I am genuinely enjoying myself.  My kids are enjoying themselves.


I’m happy! 🙂

And I’m so glad that we still have half of a  month to continue our celebration.


So far, we have been reading scripture verses and being crafty.

The crafts that we have done so far have been incredibly simple.

I haven’t even had to buy any supplies for them (always a plus)!

Here are the crafts that we have made so far!

We made these cute little Angels out of paper plates, glitter, and gold pipe cleaner.


We made these Christmas trees by gluing together paper scraps and pom-poms.  By the way, these are Bryce’s favorite types of crafts.


These are super simple Santa hats that we made using construction paper and cotton balls.


Lizzie made our Christmas cards this year (for family).  She dipped q-tips in paint to make the tree and ornaments.  She put a star sticker on top of the tree and used crayon to draw the tree trunk.  I thought that they turned out so cute!


We made these candy cane ornaments out of felt and buttons.


I traced Lizzie and Bryce’s hand prints, cut them out, and then they glued them on this paper plate to make a hand-print wreath.


The kids really enjoyed making these paper plate peppermint candies.





Can you tell which one is Bryce’s? 🙂


We made these Christmas trees by gluing together different sized hearts (one small, medium, and large).  I found these sparkly stickers left over from another craft that Lizzie did months ago.  They made perfect ornaments!



The kids colored Popsicle sticks green (and Bryce insisted on making one of his black).  Then they glued pom-poms on top of the sticks.  Can you tell which one is Lizzie’s? 🙂  These huge things are now hanging on our tree.


We made and played with GingerbreadPlaydough!  It smells so good! 🙂


For some reason, Bryce thinks that candy canes are guns.  I did not teach him this.  I think that boys are simply born with the innate ability to see everything as weapons.  As a side note, he thinks that it’s funny to pick his nose and wipe his boogers on people.  So gross.  Seriously…where in the world did he learn these types of behaviors!


And Lizzie is truly just as sweet as can be. 🙂


Lizzie kept sniffing it! 🙂



I saw this idea for a cute little Nativity that I really wanted to try.  I looked at the scrap wood in our garage and was only able to find extremely huge pieces.  I looked a bit harder and finally found 2 small pieces of oak.  They worked perfectly!  The kids love their own little Nativities! 🙂



Little adorable Mason, getting into mischief!


I displayed all of their artwork in our front entryway for all of our guests (because we have so many…ha!) to see.  Lizzie and Bryce always want me to hang their artwork on our walls!


That’s it, for now!

I’ll update later on and include any additional crafts and activities that we do.

Oh, one more thing.

This is our Christmas splurge this year:


It’s a 450 piece set of solid wood Lincoln logs!

Jon and I (I mean…our kids) are really going to love it!



And I just now realized that all of these tiny little logs are going to be spread all over my house.

Oh well.

May as well add the logs to the play food, the legos, the blocks, the Mr. Potato head pieces, the tinker toys, the balls, the match cars, etc., etc., etc.,

Have a great day!


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