12 Days of Christmas for the Husband

Confession:  I can never think of anything good to buy my husband for Christmas (not to mention his birthday or our anniversary).  It has proven to be the most difficult part of our marriage.  🙂  I just have no creative juices inside of my brain when it comes to conjuring up unique ideas that will both surprise and benefit him.

That being said, I decided to make it easy on myself this year.  Rather than come up with one or two big presents to give him on Christmas Day, I chose to come up with 12 simple things.  They aren’t that great, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts, right?  Besides, Jon loves me no matter what I give him for Christmas. 🙂

I’m going to start giving him one gift per day, beginning on December 13th (you know, the 12 Days of Christmas theme).

This website provided free cute little printable cards that I am going to put with each gift.

SO, without further ado, here is what I’ll be giving Jon for Christmas this year!

(I’m hoping that Jon won’t see this…I don’t think that he ever looks at this blog.  But if you’re reading this Honey, STOP!!). 🙂

Day 1:  One Organized Dresser (His dresser is a complete mess.  I’m planning on organizing and folding his G’s, his socks, and getting rid of a bunch of shirts that he never wears or that don’t fit him anymore.).

Day 2:  Two sticks of Chap-stick (We are constantly losing our chap-stick!).

Day 3:  Three Mod-podged Children (I totally thought that this would look better than it ended up as.  Oh well!  He can put this on his desk at work.).


Day 4: Four pairs of socks.

Day 5:  Five Giant Kisses (I’m going to make rice-crispy treats, shape them into chocolate kiss shapes, and then wrap them in tinfoil.)

Day 6:  Six Engagement Pictures (Something else to take to work!  Or, I suppose we can hang it in our bedroom.  We were lucky enough to have someone hide and take pictures of our actual proposal.  We already had the temple date set, however, I wasn’t planning on getting an actual ring anytime soon!  By the way, I just printed off the photos at Wal-mart, painted some scrap wood black, and then mod-podged the photos on the wood.  Easy!  I loved making this.  Although our physical appearances have changed a bit — we are still madly in love with each other!) 🙂





Day 7:  Seven special features with a movie (okay…this was a big stretch!).

Day 8:  Eight Back Massages (I got the coupons for these here).

Day 9:  Nine Codes to Crack (I picked a random book off of our shelf and I’m going to come up with 9 different codes that he has to crack.  I’m planning on giving him 9 lists of numbers that will create sentences.  He has to turn to a certain page, paragraph, line, and word.  Or something.  I’m still working on it!).

Day 10:  Ten Reasons I Love You (I printed them off on a small wallet-sized card and laminated it.  That way he can keep it in his wallet!  I should have had this be the last day…it was hard stopping at ten!).

Day 11:  Eleven Slim Jim Snacks (These sausages are disgusting but he loves them).

Day 12:  Twelve Oreo Cookies (What?  Did you expect something big on the last day?  Hopefully he doesn’t!  We hardly ever have store-bought cookies…so this will be a treat for him!). 🙂

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing for Jon this year!

If it works out, then I may end up making it a tradition!


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