DIY Chalkboard (For Under $5!)


This year had to get creative with my Christmas present budget because we sold our house and are buying a new one.  I am happy to say that I found the perfect gift that was easy on the pocketbook and a hit with cousins and Mikey’s Kindergarten teacher.

Supply list:

8′ 1 x 12 board from hardware store (I had them cut them in 14″ sections for me 🙂 )

Your choice of wood stain

Chalkboard paint (pint or spray)

You choice of colored acrylic paint

Painters tape

I started out staining the boards.  You don’t have to paint all the way to the middle because that section will be covered with the chalkboard paint.



Then I turned the wood over and painted the backs.  I wanted to have each cousin differentiate their own chalkboard from their siblings.


When that was dry I taped the front and painted two coats of chalkboard paint on the front.


Remove the tape when dry and you have a present that is around $5 each and totally easy to make!


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One thought on “DIY Chalkboard (For Under $5!)

  1. It really was a hit! Not only does Jazlynne play with it daily, but so do Craig and I. It’s great family time together drawing pictures and making Jazlynne guess what they are. Thanks Tara!

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