Happy Holidays Neighbor!

This holiday season, instead of just opting for our usual plate of cookies, I branched out a little bit and put my cookies in something different. 🙂

I save my Pringles cans from the year (okay, I admit, this is only from a couple of months) and washed them out really well.  


Then I got some wrapping paper, wrapped them up, and fit the lids back on them.  Simple as that!


Then all you have to do is fill them with treats that are the same size as the opening (pretty important).  I made Christmas M&M cookies and Muffin Tin Brownies.



This is one of those great projects if December has really gotten away from you and you want to whip something together pretty quickly that makes it look like you have it all together.  Happy Holiday Neighbor!



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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Neighbor!

  1. We are living in an apartment in East Lancaster until our house closes in January. The new house is over on 60th west. Neighbors include home/visiting teaching people and members of our old ward 🙂 How are you? Are you still liking Anna’s preschool?

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