More Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is almost here!

Here are a few more ideas for simple Christmas crafts and activities to do with your kids!

1.  Ice cream cone Christmas trees.  Cover a sugar cone with green frosting and then decorate with Christmas M&M’s.  My kids loved it!





2:  Creative Nativities.  Using Popsicle sticks, I hot-glued a stable shape onto a piece of cardboard.  Then I told the kids to do whatever they wanted to create their own special Nativity scene.  Lizzie did hers all by herself and I love it!  She had a hard time cutting a star our of construction paper so she made one out of yarn.  Then she put a moon in the sky (and, of course, drew a smile on it).  🙂  I also love how she wrote her name with yarn pieces.


I helped with Bryce’s.  He chose all of the colors, however, and placed all of the paper and other materials on top of the glue.


3.  Glitter and Glue Gingerbread Men.  This craft was super easy.  I found these foam gingerbread pieces in the dollar spot at Target.  They just sprinkled glitter onto glue.  You could also decorate it with yarn, buttons, or even candy.


4.  Hand and Foot-print Reindeer.  We have made these cute little reindeer for the past few years.  They look kind of funny this year because I didn’t have any brown construction paper!



This was a failed craft! 🙂  It was supposed to be an easy Santa craft.  Obviously, it looks nothing like Santa!  But it’s kind of cute, anyway. 🙂


5.  Paper Snowflakes.  Lizzie made these, not Bryce.


Lizzie also made a bunch of these mitten “crafts” all by herself.  She traced her hand with her fingers together so that it would look like a mitten.  And then she colored them and glued peoples names on them.  If you click on the following picture, you can see that it says “Mommy Over”.  Ha!


6.  Cookie-cutter Stamping:  I mixed Elmer’s glue with glitter and then had the kids dip Christmas cookie-cutters into the glue and stamp them on paper.


7.  Drink Hot Chocolate!  I don’t really like hot chocolate.  I don’t know why, but I can only stand a few sips before it starts making me sick!  But the kids have been wanting some for a while, so I made some and they used straws to drink it out of Christmas cups.  Not much of it was actually consumed (they mainly enjoyed blowing bubbles!), but they loved it!




8.  Construction paper Nutcrackers.  We love Nutcrackers around our house!  We have nearly 30 of them that we use for Christmas decorations every year.  I also LOVE the ballet.  I used to go a lot growing up, and now Lizzie and I go.  I took her for her second time a few weeks ago and she loved it!  It was the late showing, so she ended up falling asleep and missing the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  She was pretty disappointed in herself for falling asleep! 🙂  I just love the music and the dancing…I could seriously watch it again and again!


9.  Elf Craft.  I saw this idea somewhere a while ago (can’t remember where) and I wanted to try it.  It didn’t end up looking anything like what I remember it looking like!  Especially because Lizzie refused to glue the shirt on “correctly” and wanted to make it a dress instead. 🙂  The kids thought that it was cool, though, that they got to glue their faces on the construction paper!


This is what Mason does the entire time that I’m trying to do a craft with the older kids. 🙂


And then when they are done being crafty, they all play together like loving siblings.  They never argue, fight, or harm each other in any way.

HA!  If only that were true! 🙂



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