Snowflake Letter Game

I found some cute little snowflakes made out of craft foam in the Target dollar spot a few months ago.  I decided to use them for a little game that Bryce really enjoys!  You could easily play the same game, even if you don’t have foam snowflakes.  Just use paper! 🙂

First, I cut out 10 blue squares out of construction paper and wrote one letter on each square (the letters that spell the word “snowflakes”).  I also wrote one letter on each of the foam snowflakes.

To play the game, lay out the square letters on either the table or the floor (I have to do the table…if not, Mason will eat them!).

Then, hide the snowflakes all around the house (don’t let your child peek!).

After the snowflakes are hidden, have your child run and find one snowflake at a time and bring it back to you (this is, by far, Bryce’s favorite part of the game!)


Then, have your child identify the letter (or, to make it more challenging, say its sound or a word that starts with that letter) and match it to the square that also has that letter written on it.




Continue to play until all of the snowflakes have been found and identified!



This is a very simple game, but Bryce really loves it!  In fact, he and Lizzie both do.  Nothing beats a letter hunt! 🙂


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