The Same Kind of Weird

When I introduced Jon to my parents for the first time (after we were already engaged), they were very pleased.  They also said that they were impressed that I was able to find someone who was “the same kind of weird” as me.

It’s true.

Jon and I are meant for each other because we are most definitely “the same kind of weird”.

We have the same weird sense of humor.  We both like and dislike the same types of things.  We both have similar obsessions.  We both sing odd theme songs to each of our children on a daily basis.  He refers to me as “Po” and I don’t mind (in fact, I think that he forgot what my actual name is).  I refer to him as “Honey Poo” and rarely, if ever, call him by his real name.  We both can listen to the same song over and over and over again without getting sick of it.

These are just a few of our little quirks.

  There are differences, of course, but for the most part (and regarding the things that really matter), we are nearly the same person.

As it turned out, the kids that we created together are also “the same kind of weird” as us.


We’re all on the same weird page.


We all like to do the same weird things.


We all like to take weird pictures of ourselves.


We all love each other lots, despite our weirdness.




I am so blessed to belong to such a weird family! 🙂



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