Easy Valentine Family Night Activity


I put together this REALLY EASY activity for us to do for Family Night on Monday.

I found these heart-shaped containers at the dollar tree and I already had this cute little valentine mailbox sitting in my closet.

In each of the hearts, I wrote either a question or an activity on a slip of paper.  Lizzie and Bryce took turns opening the mailbox, choosing a heart, and reading what was on the slip of paper.

I made this very simple because I have young kids.  But this activity will be easy to improve upon and increase in difficulty the older my kids get.

Here is what I wrote on the slips of paper inside of the hearts:

1. XOXO Daddy (Each family member was smothered with hugs and kisses when their name was picked.  And we also took turns telling that person one thing that we loved about him or her).

2.  XOXO Mommy

3.  XOXO Lizzie

4.  XOXO Bryce

5.  XOXO Mason

6.  What does “Love” mean?

7.  How do you know that Jesus loves you?

8.  How can you show your siblings that you love them?

9.  How can you show your parents that you love them?

10.  Sing “Love One Another”

See how easy? 🙂

My kids really enjoyed it, especially when they got to attack another family member with hugs and kisses.  They begged to do this again…and we will most likely be repeating this activity next Monday night as well! 🙂

Let's Hear It Mommies!

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