Simple DIY Teepee


The first word I typed in the title is very important in this project.  SIMPLE.  This Teepee was SO easy that anyone could do it in about 10 minutes.  I’m not kidding you.  I have been drooling over DIY teepees on Pinterest for a while now and trying to think of which way I could copy.  In the end, they all seemed like a little bit too much work.  So, while I was at Home Depot on another errand, I picked up the three things I would need to build this little fort.

1.  Canvas drop cloth ($10: 5’9″ x 8’9″)

2.  Clothesline rope (pretty sturdy, but not the thickest)

3.  5 pieces of 7′ long wood (I just went and picked out some posts, don’t know what kind it was, they just looked good)

That’s it.

I apologize for the lack of pictures in this tutorial, but I did it in an afternoon with no husband around to take the pictures, and it’s an awkward project to photograph while you are doing it.  Here are a couple of explanatory pictures after it’s all up.

I took the wood and put it in the shape I wanted, leaning them up against each other.  Then, I took the rope and started winding it around tightly until it was sturdy and wouldn’t slip or tip over.

(I tried a thinner rope on my first go around and the teepee was falling over constantly, so go with the thicker rope)


Then I draped the drop cloth around the frame, cut two slits in it and tied the canvas onto the frame.




My kids can’t get enough of it.  It was very hard to even get a picture without this littlest one in it.




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