DIY Glow In Dark Clock

I wanted a clock that would glow in the dark  so my kids could see it after they went to bed, but I didn’t want anything too fancy that would get knocked off of the wall by their boyish antics and break.  So, I made on myself.  I got a $3 clock and some glow-in-the-dark paint from Walmart.


First, you take the screws out of the back of the clock that hold the front glass on the clock because you will need to access the clock hands.


Then you paint (I used a Q-Tip) each hand with a generous amount of the paint.


Once it’s dry you put it back together and hang it on the wall!


I don’t want you thinking that this will glow all night, because it doesn’t.  But if you access it to enough light before the little ones go to bed, it glows long enough for them to see it until they fall asleep, and my kids think that is so cool!  So easy and so cheap!  Just my kind of project 🙂

Posted in DIY

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