Ice cream-Themed Learning Activities

As I have mentioned previously, I really struggle with getting Bryce to learn anything.  I have been slacking off quite a bit lately as far as working with him on his letters and numbers.  I try, but he would rather do other things.  I keep reminding myself that he’s only three…and that he will learn everything eventually.  It’s really not the most important thing in the world if he is a bit behind.  I can’t force anything on him.  He’ll learn at his own pace.

Even with that realization, however, I still try to incorporate a few learning activities into our routine (mostly to eliminate unnecessary guilt).  When I do so, I try to make it a bit unique and interesting for him.

Recently, we have been doing a few ice cream related activities.

Bryce got this ice cream cone in his stocking this year:


It was full of bubbles, but they quickly got used up…well, they got dumped on our kitchen floor on accident.  🙂  I rinsed out the container and we now use it as our “ice cream letter hunt container”.

I place a small letter bead inside of it (or one or two) and then I hide the ice cream cone around the house somewhere.  Bryce finds the cone, brings it back to me, and then dumps the bead(s) out.  He then has to tell me what the letter(s) are.  I’ll be honest…I have to remind him a lot! 😉

Once he’s more advanced, I’ll put beads inside the cone that spell simple words.  Or he can name the letter, sound, and something that starts with that particular letter.  We’re only on the basics now! 😉


Another easy learning activity is to place a number next to a felt ice cream cone.  Then ask your child to place the corresponding number of ice cream scoops on the cone.


Bryce came up with the idea of making an “Ice cream Village”.  I made little roads out of masking tape on the carpet and then placed ice cream cones along the road for “houses”.  I made the houses by drawing ice cream cones on 3 X 5 cards, coloring them (the colors that Bryce chose) and then putting a different number or letter on each card.  Then Bryce drove a little ice cream truck around the roads.  I would tell him to drive to a certain house, or he would simply drive along the roads and as he stopped at the houses we would talk about the number or letter on the house.




Finally, we played this easy little race game.  It’s not really related to ice cream, but he enjoyed using the little paper ice cream cones as game pieces.  I made a little game board with five columns, and a start and finish line.  I put the paper in a sheet protector so that we could change up the letters (or numbers) as needed.  For this game, I wrote the letters of his name in the columns (on the sheet protector using a dry-erase marker).


Then I placed paper ice cream cones on the starting line.


I placed the letters of his name (alphabet magnets) in a little bag.  Bryce would draw a magnet, name the letter, move the corresponding game piece toward the finish line, and then replace the magnet in the bag.  You continue playing that way until the first ice cream cone crosses the finish line! 🙂


It looks like the letter “B” won this round.  Hmm…that’s Bryce’s favorite letter.  There may or may not have been some cheating going on here. 😉


Anyway, that’s just a little idea of the crazy things that I have to do to help Brycie-boy learn.  And even after it all, he still doesn’t know half of what Lizzie knew by this age.  It just proves that every child is different and that they will move at their own pace, no matter what.  And I’m okay with that!  Well, I’m really trying to be. 🙂


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