DIY Kitchen from Entertainment Center


If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I have about a hundred of these entertainment center turned kitchens pinned on my boards.  Now, I finally made my own!  It was actually really easy and very cost-effective and I am so happy with how it turned out!

We got this entertainment center for free (I’ve seen them for around $20 on Craigslist though so that’s still a great deal!)

The first thing I did was paint it.  (Sorry for lack of pictures on these steps.  I painted the whole thing red and then parts of it with black appliance paint (You can get that at any hardware store in the spray paint).  It’s really durable and won’t chip as easily so I didn’t have to use polyurethane on the whole thing.  The spray paint I got was Rustoleum and had paint and protective coat in one.  I got it at Walmart.  The counter part I painted white so it would seem more like a countertop.



We nailed some beadboard onto the back to fill up the hole that was there.  We had the beadboard extra from another project so that didn’t cost anything either.


I kept our yogurt lids for a couple of weeks and painted them with the appliance paint and then nailed them onto the counter.  I had a small aluminum bowl in my cupboards that I traced and then cut out the hole with a miter saw.  I bought this little bathroom faucet on Amazon for $5.  It’s not very “kitcheny” but the kids don’t know the difference :).


The kids LOVE it!  They play with our food on their ALL the time.


Ty getting in the fridge.


Putting a pizza in the oven.


I did the one whole side panel in chalkboard paint that I had leftover from a previous project as well.  I write the menu on it for the kids when they tell me what they are making me that day.


And they play hangman….it works :).


I’m so happy with how it turned out and how much fun it adds to our loft/playroom.  Thank you Pinterest for the great idea!

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One thought on “DIY Kitchen from Entertainment Center

  1. Wow, that is so stinking cute! It turned out great. Good job. I know my kids would love something like that. I bet your kids are in heaven! 🙂

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