First Tooth…Gone

A few weeks ago, Lizzie began complaining about one of her lower front teeth.  I groaned because I really didn’t want to take her back to the dentist! 😉  As it turned out, there was nothing seriously wrong with her tooth.  It was just loose!

Since Lizzie is the oldest, I must admit that it felt a little strange to be a mother of a kid with a loose tooth. 🙂  I am completely aware that loosing teeth is a natural phase of life, but I felt a tad bit apprehensive about the fact that she’s old enough to be in that stage.  I’m just not ready for her to grow up quite yet.

I especially wasn’t prepared when I put her to bed one night only to have her come find me a few minutes later looking like this:


She looks perfectly happy in this picture, but when I first saw her she had a look of terror on her face.

“Mommy!  It came out!!”

She seemed confused.  She was scared, yet excited at the same time.  She didn’t quite know what to feel!  But once the realization hit her that she would be able to put her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy to find, all hints of terror left her and she was just plain ecstatic. 🙂


We rinsed a bit of the blood out of her mouth, and she was still as happy as can be. 🙂


Then Lizzie went to work decorating her own special envelope for her tooth to go in (and a place for the tooth fairy to deposit her money!).  She didn’t spend too much time on it, however, because she just wanted to go to bed so that the tooth fairy could come!


Notice how she wrote her name as “Elizabeth” rather than “Lizzie”?  I felt a twinge of sadness when I saw that.  She wanted to seem old and mature for the tooth fairy…hence the dropping of her life-long nick name.  Thankfully, she still wants to be called “Lizzie”…for now at least.  I’m sure that the day will come when she’ll prefer “Elizabeth” over “Lizzie”, but I’ll enjoy her nick name while I can! 😉


Before Lizzie went to bed, she asked me the following question:

“Mommy, the Tooth Fairy is little.  How can she fly to our house, and then fly all the way to Utah in one night?  What if someone in Utah lost a tooth today too?”

Well, on with the lies, I suppose.  The worst part about parenting!

I told her that the tooth fairy was magic and that she could simply snap her fingers and transport herself from one place to the next.  She didn’t have to really fly at all.

I really hate the lies.  But the guilt of not doing the whole Tooth Fairy tradition is stronger than my loathing of lies.  So on with the traditions, I suppose.  Jon is so lucky that he just get to stay out of it all!

The Tooth Fairy was cheap this year. 😉  She only left Lizzie 4 quarters!  I have no idea what the going rate is these days as far as making bank with the tooth fairy is though.  Lizzie didn’t complain though, she was super ecstatic to get her quarters!  In fact, somehow an extra quarter got in there and she claimed that the tooth fairy gave her five quarters.  I went a long with it and explained that she gave her five quarters because she knew that Lizzie was five years old.

But I can’t help but wonder where that extra quarter came from.

Hmmm…perhaps the tooth fairy really does exist?!

One thought on “First Tooth…Gone

  1. That’s awesome! It is strange to have our children grow so quickly and go through these life moments. Only the other moms go through this stuff! My kids are going to stay young forever! That is how I feel…. Life is going way too quickly. Part of me is relieved, the other huge part of me aches. I guess that is another wonderful thing about the gospel. Even though we only get these experiences once, we get to remember them forever and the best part; Eternal Increase. Kids forever! 🙂

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