Paint a Piano


I have been dreaming of owning my own piano for 7 years since I got married and moved out of my parents piano owning house.  We, as you know, are not full-price paying people though and so it was a long search for my dream piano.  I wanted a piano that was old, had a ton of character and detail, and was $100 or less.  I know, impossible, right?  Well, we got this beauty on Craigslist for $80!  It is over a hundred years old and BEAUTIFUL!

This is the only before picture I have.  We had already started sanding, so it’s not looking so good.  It was a beautiful color as it was, but it was pretty dinged up and even though I ended up keeping a lot of those dings because I loved them, I just wasn’t up to the work it would involve to sand and stain.  Sand and paint was so much more appealing to me.


So, I painted it.  Actually, I spray painted it.  Before anyone freaks out on me, I already got a lecture from a lady at the paint store telling how horrible spray paint is for pianos, but it worked for me.  I got a bunch of drop cloths and taped them all over the inside of the piano.  It was totally covered.  I got Rustoleum Almond with protective coat.  I am in love with how it turned out.



My favorite part of the piano is the detail on the front and the legs.  So pretty.

IMG_3121My kids “play” everyday.  I will do the same once we find a piano tuner/adjuster for a good price.






You may notice that the part of the fold up part is still brown.  It has the Vose & Sons plate on it and I didn’t want to paint over it.  I heard you can buy new ones so if we do find one, I may paint it and put a new sticker on, but I am kind of liking it that way.

Also, just to throw it in, because this is sort of my first “room reveal” of my new home.  This is our living room.  The wall color is Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore.  The rug is from RUGSUSA and pillows from Ross.  Mozart statue from my piano lessons growing up 🙂

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