Be The Good Sign


I first saw this sign here….and all over Pinterest.  I usually like to have things in my home that are original, but I couldn’t get past this sign.  And neither could my husband, which is rare!  He really wanted me to make this sign.  So, I did.


When we moved into our new home, there were parts of a bed in the backyard.  My husband was about to throw it all away and I surprised him by saying we should save it and make stuff out of it.  While he wasn’t too optimistic about the “stuff” I would make out if it, he obliged.  I know a lot of people use pallet wood, we use bed wood.  I used these stencils and I loved them.  I traced the words onto the wood with pencil first and then painted it in after.


  This is my new favorite wall in the house.  I know it still looks a little bare (we are working on buying/building a bench for right underneath the sign) but I love walking into my home and seeing this sign and I think this will be our family motto for years to come.


Posted in DIY

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