Crafting Through Those Long Days

Recently, more than one person has mentioned to me that they were under the impression that I did crafts with my kids on a daily basis.

That is completely and undeniably false.

For the record, I do not do crafts with my kids every single day!

Okay, I admit that I may have gone a bit overboard for Halloween and Christmas.  But doing crafts with your kids does not make you a better mom.  Seriously!  I do crafts with my kids because I enjoy it.  If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t do it! 🙂  Honestly, doing crafts with my kids help the days go by quicker…which is (sadly) my main motivation at times.  It’s actually quite selfish of me.  But I quickly justify my selfishness because Lizzie truly does nearly constantly beg for me to do crafts with her! 😉

So it all works out perfectly for everyone involved, right?

Like I mentioned, doing crafts with my kids help me get through the sometimes long and monotonous days.  Especially the days in which I know that Jon won’t be coming home until late.

Like today.

I wake up at 5:00 in the morning.  The kids wake up around 6:00.  The days begin super early around our house!  Lizzie is out of school for Spring Break (which I am absolutely LOVING) and aside from helping time move quicker for me, I wanted to do a few crafts with the kids because I knew that Lizzie would enjoy it.

We made these cute little cotton ball bunnies.


Lizzie wanted to draw eyelashes on hers.  And she also wanted to make sure that the ears were floppy. 🙂


They painted Easter eggs.  And I didn’t feel like looking for paintbrushes and so they used plastic forks instead! 🙂  I’m sure that they would have turned out more aesthetically pleasing had they used paint brushes…but they had fun anyway. 🙂


They cut up yarn and glued the pieces to egg-shaped paper.


They assembled these cute little chicks!  I just quickly cut out the pieces and the kids assembled the chicks onto a piece of construction paper and added some googly eyes and a beak.


Even after all of that fun…it was only 9:00 in the morning.

I decided to be creative with the kids’ lunches today.  Again, not because I’m trying to be an awesome Mom.  Being creative with food simply helps break up the monotony a bit!  Everything that I do is purely selfish. 🙂

They were served egg-shaped flat bread, decorated with hot dog and string cheese.    The “eggs” are sitting on cucumber grass and I put a few black olive and mandarin orange flowers in the background.  Oh, and I sprinkled some dried cranberries on the plate just for fun. 🙂


They both gobbled it all up!  Well, I couldn’t get Bryce to eat all of his cucumbers…but he did manage to eat a few! 🙂

For dessert, they got to eat one of these birds nests that we had made the day before:


We make these every year around Easter time.  I usually use chow-mien noodles, but the bag that I had just purchased from Wal-mart a few days ago had already expired and the noodles tasted like dust.  Yuck!  So we used cheerios instead.  I just melted 2 cups of chocolate chips, mixed it in with some cheerios, and then the kids helped me form little “nests” and they placed a few robin eggs in each nest.

Lizzie looks forward to these nests every year!

Anyway, the kids are now in bed (obviously, or else I would not be writing this blog post).  Jon should be coming home soon.

Even though it was a late day for Jon, I had a great day.  I had fun with my kids.  We went to the library.  We visited Grandma for a bit.  We played outside in our beautiful backyard.  We watched a few episodes of “Super Why!” (Bryce’s new favorite show).  We ate.  I kissed a few boo-boo’s.  I filled up Bryce’s sippy cup with water no less than 200 times…seriously.  I wiped bums.  I disciplined.  I changed diapers.  I worried that Mason is going to dehydrate.   I helped tie shoes.  I read books.  I sang songs.  I counted to 10.  I counted to 10.  I counted to 10…again.  I took a few deep breaths.  I read 2 apology notes from Lizzie.  I brushed the kids’ teeth.  I worried.  I prayed.  I played.  I hugged.  I kissed.  I loved.

I am so blessed to be a Mother!

Even if I have to do crafts with my kids every now and then to help me get through the day, there truly is nothing greater.


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