Shake Your Own Ice Cream

I remember making ice cream like this when I was in elementary school.  When I told the boys about it, they really wanted to try it.  I saved it for spring break so we could break up the long days and it was so fun!  The boys think they are so cool now that they can make their own ice cream.  Well, shake their own ice cream.

You need:

2 different sizes of baggies (I used gallon and snack size)

2 cups of half n half

4 tsp vanilla

4 Tb sugar



First you mix together the half n half, vanilla, and sugar.  Then you put it in the smaller bag/bags.  I used smaller snack bags so the boys could all have their own equally portioned bag.  You can put all of it in a quart sized bag.

Then you put the ice and salt into the gallon bag, then place your smaller bag inside and seal the gallon sized bag.


Then you shake….


And shake….


And shake….


You shake for about 20 minutes.  Technically, it was more milkshake consistency than solid ice cream, but the kids still loved it and they were even more happy to use a straw than a cup.  You should try to make some, I mean, look at these happy faces 🙂



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