Chevron Wall and Printables

First off, I have to explain something about how we decorate our bedroom.  My husband has this thing, that I assume comes from growing up in California, that you don’t hang items on the wall above the head of your bed.  If you do, and there’s an earthquake, it won’t be pretty.  So…I had to get creative with this house so it wasn’t just a blank wall behind our bed.  Thus, the chevron wall was born.


I wanted to have detail without needing to hang something on the wall and I am so happy with how it turned out!

I have to admit that I was painting this wall with two kids clamoring around my feet so I didn’t measure anything and didn’t take pictures while I was doing it.  But it’s simple.  Get the fat painters tape and tape vertical lines down your wall to section it.  Then tape diagonal lines in between the vertical lines to get the chevron effect.  I put a little piece of tape on the sections I wanted gray and left the ones I wanted yellow blank.  Then I just rolled on the paint and removed the tape.  Walla!  A chevron wall!


I was going to take pictures of the rest of our room but it’s not that cool.  🙂  I will share some printables that I have in our room if you care to duplicate them.


These first two are from U-create Crafts.  I love chalkboard printables!



This one I made myself.  It won’t print the red outline when you print it.


This one I made myself and took to Staples and printed it out on their engineer size printing for $2!


It’s a movie size poster in our room of one of our favorite quotes from one of our favorite movies.


Hope you like the printables and if you have any questions just let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Chevron Wall and Printables

  1. I love your room Tara! I’m so jealous of how cute it is. I’m trying to update our bedroom too, but there is only so much you can do when your renting. The chevron wall is so crafty, it really does dress up the wall.

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