The other day, Lizzie and Bryce were watching a movie and Bryce fell asleep.  After he fell asleep, Lizzie kindly covered him up.


Honestly, if Lizzie didn’t tell me that he was there, I wouldn’t have realized it on my own.  I would have walked by the couch and not taken the time to even glimpse at the heap of blue blanket.  I may have even jumped right on top of it.  Or, I may have thought that the blanket didn’t belong there on the couch and I would have folded it up and put it away.

I started thinking about percentages.

As you can see, the above picture is approximately 94% blue blanket and 6% Bryce.

I compared those percentages to actual life.

What percentage of my time do I actually spend with my children?  Do I spend a larger percentage of my time with Lizzie?  Or with Bryce and Mason?  What percentage of my time is spent folding laundry, doing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, picking up clutter (I mean…toys), preparing meals, and filling sippy cups?

Of the time that I do spend with my children, what percentage of that is actually spent interacting with them?  Reading to them, talking to them, or teaching them?

Or do I spend a larger percentage of my time existing in the same room as my children…but mindlessly moving cars across the carpet (or nibbling on the fake food meals that they prepare for me) while concurrently reading a book?  What…that scenario doesn’t sound at all familiar to any of you?

What percentage of the day does Bryce spend in time out?  Or being threatened with time out?

How often am I on the computer?

How often am I genuinely in love with my calling as a Mother?

What percentage of my time do I kiss, hug, and laugh with my babies?

How often do I drool over pictures of recipes that I will most likely never make?  Honestly, I am getting to the point where I am completely done looking at food blogs.  There will always be another recipe to try.  I need to just stick to the tried and tested ones and stop experimenting altogether.

What percentage of my time am I secretly wishing that I was somewhere else?

How much time do I utterly waste by comparing myself to others?

You know, the answers to these questions don’t really matter.

Each mother is unique.  Each mother chooses to spend her time differently.  Each mother has her own strengths…and her own weaknesses.  And I honestly believe that each mother, no matter her circumstance, is genuinely trying to do the best that she can.

I know that I am!

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed with my percentages on some days.

But on other days, I rock! 🙂

No one can be perfect every single day of their life!  However, I believe that it is possible to have perfect minutes.  Or even a few perfect seconds.  And that may be all that I can handle on most days of the week! 😉

The following is a quote by Elder James. E. Faust that I like to refer to when I am feeling overwhelmed.

“You cannot do everything well at the same time. You cannot be a 100 percent wife, a 100 percent mother, a 100 percent church worker, a 100 percent career person, and a 100 percent public-service person at the same time. How can all of these roles be coordinated? Says Sarah Davidson: “The only answer I come up with is that you can have it sequentially. At one stage you may emphasize career, and at another marriage and nurturing young children, and at any point you will be aware of what is missing. If you are lucky, you will be able to fit everything in.”

So there you have it.  You can’t do it all!  Even if you really want to.  It’s impossible!

So stop being so hard on yourselves.

Stop comparing yourselves to others.

Maybe, perhaps, stop reading blogs and browsing Pinterest if all it does is make you feel guilty and like you will never measure up.

I don’t have a Pinterest account.  Mostly because I know myself and I have heard that it can be pretty addicting.  I just decided that Pinterest was simply something that I could do without.

In today’s society, I have learned that people (particularly women) are obsessed with comparing themselves to others.  It seems as if they are always in a silent competition with one another.

They want their child’s birthday party to be the best.  The coolest theme, the most fancily decorated, the funnest games, the best party favors, and more.  And not only that, but everything has to come together perfectly at little or no cost.

Whatever happened to the birthday parties of the past when a few kids came over, the cake was sloppily decorated by the birthday boy himself, and where no theme existed.  The kids simply played together.  Gifts were given and that was that.

I often wish that I were a mother back then.  Life seemed so simple.

I try not to get caught up in it all…but sometimes its really hard to resist.

Why in the world do we make everything so complicated?

We are hurting no one but ourselves.

And, perhaps, the very reasons why we do all of these things in the first place.  Our children.

In our quest to become better, are we neglecting our children?

Are our minds so preoccupied with other things that we sometimes walk by our children and not even take the time to glimpse at them?

My children are my life.

I’m gong to put forth a stronger effort to balance my percentages in favor of my children.

Bryce won’t always be an adorable little boy with peanut butter smeared on his face!

They grow up so fast.



3 thoughts on “Percentages

  1. Such a sweet post. It’s so true, sometimes you get so caught up in other things that your child is growing up too quick. I feel like there’s always time for them to grow up, I want to enjoy her being small and innocent while I can. 🙂 That’s a cute picture of Bryce! All you can see is his little face.

  2. So true Andrea! I seriously think the world has it all wrong. Obviously. I get so depressed sometimes thinking about the “cutesie” things I don’t do. How never once have I thrown my kids a birthday party that involved other kids… How sometimes my kids run around for an entire day with the peanut butter still stuck on their faces, when other moms would just die at the thought of their child being in such disarray! To that I say, even with the peanut butter they are happy! I have plenty of weaknesses, but I don’t think it’s necessary to worry about the standards the world has for “the perfect family life” just the standards the Lord has. I love your post and am so thankful you posted it. Thank you for reminding me that the perfect minutes or seconds do count and that they come more often when we stop comparing ourselves, and just start trusting in how the Lord sees us, and why He sent us our children in the first place. They need us, and to become perfect, we need them! I really love you Andrea! And think you are an amazing mother and person all around!

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