I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

So it may seem that we’ve been absent on the blog, but don’t worry, we’re still around.  I’ve been writing a few posts, doing a few activities, and making a few yummy recipes.  Just busy, busy and need to get on here and share them all.  But for now, I’m skipping all I had planned and winging it this morning because that’s just they way I’m rollin’ today.


I saw this quote on a friends Facebook and I immediately thought, yes. That is what life is all about. That is what mothering is all about.

I guess you could say I’ve been in a mommie funk this past week. We made it past the first exciting first week of summer vacation and found out that the second week was full of getting on each other nerves and messes that were not being cleaned up without a major fight.

I would wake up with all thtese plans for fun for my kids, then I would end up taking half of them away because they didn’t “earn” them from their multiple time-outs.

Sometimes at the end of the day we’d make the mini-pizzas like they wanted to, and sometimes, I’m sorry to admit, I put them to bed early with no songs and no books and a threat that they better be better tomorrow.

I was just feeling overwhelmed that I didn’t know how to be a mom who laid down rules and a mom who let them have fun at the same time. Because they were dumping buckets and buckets of toys, snatching toys from each other, and arguing and tattling over EVERYTHING!

It was one of those weeks where I really just thought I wasn’t cut out for this mothering thing and I just couldn’t do it the next day. I really couldn’t. Like I wanted to make up a reason to get my tubes tied I was finished having kids not doing this in the morning.

But sometimes they listen when we talk and I figured out what my kids are responding to this week (in the ever changing world of how they listen and understand) and we’ve had good couple of days. Bike rides, swimming in the backyard, and even a ice cream drumstick at the end of the day because we’ve made it through the day without killing each other.

And I still wonder if tomorrow is going to be one of those good days, or one of the bad, but isn’t that just what life is about. Not everyday is going to go smoothly and not everything is always going to go the way I want or planned.

But courage is that little voice saying I’ll try again tomorrow.  And that’s all we have to do.  Keep trying.  Because if my kids know that I’m still trying, maybe they will too.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

  1. Love this! You’re a great mom Tara. You are fun to plan a bunch of activities for your kids each day. I feel bad for Jazlynne because we don’t do a whole lot. I’m nervous to have Kynzlee outside in the heat too long. I love that quote!

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Tara! Wish I could have been there to help-but you have it covered! Any time you want me to take you all to the gym and get those boys exhausted, let me know. So proud of all your writing, reading, reviews, and burgeoning writing career!!!

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