Library Books This Week: The Red Lemon, Max’s Words, Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli

In an effort to keep the kids’ minds stimulated this summer, we’re checking out more books than normal at the library. Usually we’ll get quite the haul and soak up the stories for a few weeks. This time, we’re getting at least 6 new books each week, and I’ll post my 3 favorite.


This book, The Red Lemon, by Bob Staake, is adorable!  The kids loved it!  And it told a great story of acceptance and how different is good.  We read it over and over again. The only problem: the boys want a red lemon now!  On my to-buy list.


Max’s Words, by Kate Banks is another one of those books that I check out from the library, and will definitely buy.  It’s about a boy who wants to collect things because his brothers collect stamps and coins, so he starts collecting words.  The cool things he figures out he can do with those words are endless!  Plus, it makes for a fun activity for the kids.  They wanted to cut out words for magazines and newspapers and make their own story!  Perfect book for a new reader like my 6-year old because he loves new words!


I kid you not, after reading Monsters Don’t eat Broccoli by Barbara Jean Hicks, they wanted to eat some broccoli trees of their own.  It’s amazing what you can get your kids to eat by pretending to be monsters, and Hicks knew that!  Sweet book that the kids thought was so much fun!

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