My Kids Are Wild Animals

Whether on purpose or not, my kids often act like wild animals.  Sometimes we will pretend we are a lion or giraffe.  Other times, they eat like pigs, fight like badgers, climb like monkeys, and cling like a koala.

I received these pictures in an email so I don’t know the original source, but I had to share.  I could see my kids in every single one!


My kids love the water.  They are just happy as an elephant playing in it everyday.


They can figure out how to climb on things and get to places to get what they want.  They are tricky little fellas.


They wrestle all of the time!  Most of the time they’re laughing, but I can’t believe it.  I have to remind them they have toys.


My kids once in a while will just cheese it for a photo.   I love this one!


They are snuggles.  With me all of the time, but occasionally with each other.  Especially the older two with the “baby”.  It’s adorable.animalhungry

Always looking for something to eat….


Just playin on the playground 🙂

animaltongueGotta love this one.  My boys look just like him!

Thanks for humoring me everybody!  Now go play with those little animals!

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