Journal Writing for Kids

This idea actually came from a Christmas present for Auntie Alyssa, but we have enjoyed continuing it and it’s a great way for kids to record keep when they can’t write full sentences yet.  I think even after Mikey can write a paragraph or two, that he’ll still prefer drawing a picture 🙂


We got those blank composition notebooks, some construction paper, and some bling.


After we had covered the front and back with their choice of construction paper, they decorated.


IMG_3721 IMG_3722 IMG_3723 IMG_3725 IMG_3726

After everything is dry, they can write in their journal.


Mikey’s favorite part of the day was watching and playing Power Rangers


Riley’s favorite part of the day was playing wild animals with brothers and Mommy.  I’m the one on all fours 😉


We enjoy this nightly ritual and it also helps me, as their mommy, know what their favorite part of their day was.  So I know what’s working and not working with them, and I get my gold star.  Which I know I shouldn’t need, but I sure do love it!


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