Potty Training Blues

(This is my other sister (in-law, but we always let that part go 🙂 )  She will be helping with this blog permanently now, so get to know her and give her a warm Mommie welcome!
Lately I have been getting super self-conscience about my oldest daughter not being potty trained yet. I have been having her go on the potty since she was 18 months, and now here she is, turning 3 in November. STILL NOT POTTY TRAINED! I feel like I am failing as a mother!
This week I have decided to be a little harder on her with the whole potty training thing. She is a very stubborn little girl and if she doesn’t want to wear underwear, she’s not going to! She has potty training down to a T when it comes to going potty without underwear on. It’s once we slip the undies on, she thinks she can just go in them. I do NOT want to use pull-ups for a few reasons. I think that they enable going in your pants and the other reason is, we just can’t afford them!
She is my first, so it’s kind of scary! What if I don’t do it right and somehow I turn her into a bed wetter?! I wet the bed as a kid, and it was awful! I want to be done with diapers for good! It’s scary being a parent, you never know if you are doing things the “right way”. Any suggestions would be very helpful!
I have heard many suggestions about sticker charts. I think we will get one this week and try that out. I also heard to go to the dollar store and find a bunch of cheap little prizes for each time she uses the potty. We told her that if she tries to go potty all week with underwear then at the end of the week we will buy her a brand new barbie! She seemed pretty excited about that!
A while ago we took Jazlynne to the store and had her pick out a package of underwear.
photo 2 (1)
The next thing we decided to get was a new stool, and potty seat. We wanted it to be fun for her, and since she LOVES Mini Mouse, of course that is what she picked out!
photo 3 (1)
We have also downloaded a bunch of apps on my Ipad that do with potty training. There are some catchy songs that get stuck in your head!
This is a theme song in our house right now!
I know this probably makes me a bad mom, but her “potty reward’ right now is a big bag of candy. The candy is from last Halloween, Christmas, and Easter! She can have a sucker for every time she goes poo in the potty, and gets a lifesaver for peeing.
photo 1 (1)
She is doing ok, but we are still having a lot of accidents. I am scared to leave the house with her in underwear. Help!
If you have any suggestions that I haven’t mentioned here, please e-mail me them! 🙂 Craig.Amanda.Turley@gmail.com



One thought on “Potty Training Blues

  1. Hi, my daughter, also my first, wasn’t potty trained until she was 3 years and 4 months! I tried a few times before that, but she just wasn’t ready. I decided to wait until I weaned my son, then I really buckled down with her. I read on a blog, what another mom did. She bought some really small diapers, like size 1. Pulled them out to put on her son, and said, OH NO! Your diapers are too small now! You got too big for them. She made a big show of putting them in a bag and “getting rid” of them, and said all you have now is underwear! I did the same thing with my daughter and that made it final for both of us. The first few days were really rough, but she finally got peeing down, but not pooping. So I bought “poopoo prizes.” It took a good week, but after that she was good. I know how hard it is, good luck!!!

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