Yard Stick Art Display


I have a super duper easy project to share with you guys today. It took me only a few minutes to make (if you don’t count waiting for paint to dry) and it was all made with things I had on hand. If you don’t have the items though, the project will still be less than $5! Gotta love it!


I got a yard stick from my garage and some clothes pins. I painted the clothes pins with a metallic spray paint to match the yard stick.


Then I just hotglued the clothespins to the yardstick, hung it on the wall, and hung the kids art.





Now the kids are coloring up a storm to get on the art wall…and keeping busy during the long summer days!

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2 thoughts on “Yard Stick Art Display

  1. Hello! I have written a book about a Christmas project for families and would like to include this project in the book. I created my own yard stick art strip that is different from yours – I would not be using any of your pictures, just the idea. I am certainly citing the source, this website. Please let me know if that is OK with you! I would love to have this project in the book!
    thank you
    Marianne Ball

    • Of course you can use this in your book 🙂 I’m sure I wasn’t the first to make it and I’m glad I won’t be the last. Good luck!

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