Mommies That Inspire: Francini Estes

One of my dearest friends Francini is constantly inspiring me.  She is smart, spiritual, funny, and can dance like it’s nobody’s business.  She had a blog Sweet Mommy Moments where she shares moments that will inspire Mommies to look for the sweetness in life.  Leave your comments, visit her blog, follow your fellow Mommies, show your love!


Why Do We Wait

I was wondering why we are always waiting to be happy? When I get a new job, when I get a new house, when I find a loving companion, when I have a child, when, when when… Then I will be happy.

Do we even know what really will make us happy? Because most of the time what happens is, after we get the new job, the new house, the loving companion, a child… there is always something else.

The most reasonable decision would be for us to choose to be happy now, so why do we wait? Does our happiness depend on “that”?
What is happiness? Does it depend on things, people around us, situations? How hard is it to really be happy? Is it a gift that just a few of us are born with? Do just a few people deserve to be happy? What is the secret? Everybody wants it, but just a few find it. It seems like fewer and fewer people are able to find it.

Happiness is inside of us, not outside. It is being happy with who we are and not with what we have or what we wish we could have. It is finding ourselves, knowing ourselves and loving ourselves. It is feeling good in our own skin. It doesn’t depend on things or people. Happy people feel sadness at times. Feeling sad because we miss someone, lose someone, or because we see someone we love suffering, doesn’t mean we are not a happy person. It means we care, and because we know what happiness is, we can share it with those who need it.

Let’s LIVE and not just Exist. Time flies and we cannot waste one more minute of mere existence and survival. Let’s live happily.

Why do we wait? Lets choose, yes choose to be happy now! We deserve it!

Thanks Francini!

Another Mommie that we’ve had on here before, Alexa Price, recommended a book recently that will help us with this same problem.


The Myths of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky


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