Top Ten Favorite Dinosaur Books


We have three dino lovers in this house! Although one just looks at the pictures, these are our favorite books that are always out at our house, and that have turned my boys into little paleontologists.



Dinosaurs: The World’s Most Terrifying Creatures

This was Mikey’s first dino book that we got from a library book sale and it’s falling out of its seams from so much use.  He’s learned over a hundred dinosaurs and thousands of facts from this book alone.


Dinosaur World by Christopher Santoro

This is a fun pop-up book that also features a dino alphabet chart in the back.


Dinosaurs of the Prehistoric Era

This is another library sale book and it’s short and simple, but he loves it!


How Do Dinosaurs….by Jane Yolen

I can’t say enough about these adorable books.  They teach a “dinosaur” how to play with friends, say I love you, eat their food and many more.  We’ve collected them all in paperback and board books.  So fun!


Dinosaurs Love Underpants

You can’t go wrong with underpants with little kids 🙂


The Berenstein Bears Dinosaur Dig

Who doesn’t love the Berenstein Bears and one about a Dino Dig just completes the set.


National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

We love this one because the kids think they are real pictures of dinosaurs and the facts are kid-friendly.


Danny and the Dinosaur

This is a classic that I remember from when I was young and it’s just a sweet story.


My First Dinosaur Board Book

We have collected quite a few my first board books in our day about trucks, letters, foods, etc…but this one is a house favorite.


Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs A to Z

Dinosaur Train is big in our house so we have a bunch of Dino Train books, I love this one though because it’s alphabet training at the same time.

Hope you enjoy my Dino recommendations!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Dinosaur Books

  1. Thanks for posting these! My kids love dinosaurs too. We have a few of these, but it was great to see some new ones my kids would enjoy. Thanks!

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