Mommies That Inspire: Rachel Humphreys

I’ve only met Rachel through her blog, Rachel In Real Life, but I think she is such a special Mommie and Wife and I know you will love her too!  Her blog is full of amazing writing, wonderful pictures, and a whole lot of heart.  Head on over there today to learn more about her Beautiful Me Project.  I’m over there today participating, and let me tell you, the project works.  It’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you are looking for the good, and that’s what Rachel encourages.  That’s why Rachel Inspires.


Have you ever woken up in the morning with the desire to change the world? One morning I did.

 There is something I have always been passionate about. It’s the way we as women feel about ourselves. Often times I don’t think we honestly even realize the effect it has on every facet of our lives. It’s not just, “A bad hair day”, it’s one day in your life when you loved yourself a little bit less.  It’s not just, “A fat day” it’s a day you lived uncomfortably in your own skin. There is no justification for hating our bodies & ourselves.

Think of a day when you felt truly beautiful. How did you treat other people? How did you treat yourself? I’m guessing you were all around just a little kinder, more understanding & loving. I’m guessing that never ending voice inside your head had some nicer things to say. There is a great power that comes in learning to love and accept ourselves.

Can you imagine a world where every woman truly loves herself and feels comfortable in her own skin? I can & it’s wonderful. I believe it is possible. We will change the way women see themselves and in turn we will change the world.


I believe that if a woman were to just sit down and honestly think of herself she would come to know a thing or two. She would see that she is wonderful. She would know that she is beautiful. She would love herself a little deeper.


The Beautiful Me Project

Determined to make a difference I came up with an idea; The Beautiful Me Project.

“Be Kind. Bring out the best in each other. When we help each other see one another’s beauty and self-worth, then we are helping generations. Sister Camilla Kimball once said, ‘Never suppress a generous thought.’ What a wise woman! By opening our hearts and giving sincere genuine compliments freely, we can help each other glimpse the beauty that we see in them.”

-Chantell Robbins

“I look for the beauty around me in others. It just rubs off onto me too. It’s easier to see the lovely in me when I can see it in so many other people”

-Kara Van Dyke

“I think it’s important to speak the good things you think about others. If you think someone is kind, say it. If you think someone is hilarious, tell them. If you see someone serve, thank them. Women don’t recognize the good things about themselves, but if they hear it over and over again, they will start to believe it. You can’t say too many good things about others”

-Sonnie Humpherys

If you would like to be a part of the Beautiful Me Project email me at 



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