Transfer Paper T-Shirts

So you remember these, right?



They were so easy to make that I wanted to share, because I have always wanted to use transfer paper, but have never had the guts to see how it would turn out. These are the transfer papers that I used. I assume every brand works, but if you’re looking for a brand that you know will work, these definitely do.


The directions were very detailed and clear, so as long as you follow those when you’re printing, you can’t go wrong. Like I said, they were pretty detailed, so I’m not going to type them all here, but I will say that they are different for light or dark transfers, so pay attention to the color of your fabric, choose the correct paper, and follow the directions carefully.

After you’ve printed onto your paper, all you have to do is iron.

I recommend washing your fabric before ironing, just so it has already shrunk and it won’t crackle your design. I also ironed the area of the shirt I would be using before I ironed the pattern on it, just to make sure there weren’t any wrinkles.

IMG_3997 IMG_3998 IMG_3999

After you print the images, you will have to trim them. If I were to do this again, I would stick with the large, solid images, because even as the “Lizzie” one was trimmed in the below picture, it wasn’t enough because the white part shows when you iron. So I had to cut out each little letter and they still had some white on the outside. I’m calling it an artistic choice, but the truth is, the imperfection bugs me, so I will stick to large images in the future.

These are all cut out.




After that, you just place them on the shirt and iron.


You really do have to iron for about two straight minutes on each part. Then I had to check an area and if it was peeling up with the paper, then I had to keep ironing. But it was ready to peel off right away and they washed well without crackling.

It cost $14 for 10 transfer papers, and if you can get shirts for $2 like I did, then it only costs a little over $4 for one t-shirt. Which is awesome for a custom tee because they were selling Weezer shirts at the concert for $30 and one of them looked just like one of ours. Steal of a Deal!



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