Mommies That Inspire: Tiffany Dansie

Today’s Mommie That Inspires is my good friend Tiffany Dansie.  This girl is the real deal.  She is super smart, caring, loyal, spiritual, and an awesome, healthy mom of four.  Since I met her, I’ve always admired her ability to know who she is, who she can be, and make and meet her goals.   Meet:  Tiffany Dansie.


I am a Mom of four kids. Life is busy. But exercise and healthy eating have become an important part of my life over the last 9 years of being a Mom. The picture below on the left is me after my first baby. The picture on the right is my best shape, after 4 kids. It has taken me years of healthier choices, and lots of small steps to becoming healthier, but I have learned a lot!

my transformation

Tara asked me to be a guest post on her blog to share some basics tips of how to be a healthy Mom, fitting in exercise, how to eat healthier, without overwhelming people!

So I will share my tried and true tips that have worked for me over these years.
1. Do NOT try to be perfect. Being perfect often sends us in the opposite direction. Trying to do too much at once is a recipe for disaster. It is ALL about making small changes, a little at a time.
2. Start small.
– Cutting down on sweets. 🙂 I said it. Cut down on the amount of sugars you eat (natural or not). Just cut back. Not cut it out. But cut it by 50%. 🙂
– Choose more fresh foods over processed. Less boxed/bagged foods and more fresh!
– No more eating your kids leftovers! No more grabbing a bite of this or a handful of that throughout the day. Eat when you are hungry. Not because the food is going to go to waste or is sitting in front of you!
– Drink more water
– Choose whole foods. Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Meat, few grains (and healthy ones when you do), nuts, and seeds.
– Eat small meals throughout the day.
3. Schedule in your exercise at a time that works for YOU. Even if it’s 20-30 minutes, spend 20-30 minutes at least, on YOU! On MOM! If you don’t feel good about yourself, don’t have energy, etc., your family will suffer most of the time. Make exercise part of your day and a high priority. Exercise comes before laundry, dishes, and cleaning in my house. Yes, my house is messy much of the time 🙂
All about the small changes! You will not regret starting to make small changes today. A little at a time!
a journey of a thousand miles

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