Mommies That Inspire: Sierra Kilpatrick

I would like you all to meet my friend who is so, so, very inspirational. She is a working mommy of one, fabulous wife, and fashionable photographer. Not only that, she is a truly good person and an awesome friend. Meet: Sierra Kilpatrick.


When I was first married, I never put much thought into whether I would be a stay at home mom or not. My mom worked my entire life and I always thought I might too. Then my daughter was born and the game changed.

Eight weeks after my daughter was born, February 14, 2011 to be exact, I returned to work. It was not a good day. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. Two and half years later and my desire to stay home has yet to be fulfilled.

                Years ago, I received a special blessing that said I might be a breadwinner for a season. So while I am in this “season” however long it may be, I have tried to learn different techniques to making the most of my time as a working mom.


Making the most of your time

Technique 1 : Do not stress about what doesn’t matter. We do not have a laundry day at our house. It gets done when it gets done. Sometimes there are dirty dishes in our sink. Sometimes our house gets cluttered. Honestly, I can’t let it stress me out.  We typically try to save chores for a very short time during the workweek and mostly for the weekend.  I do not like a messy house but again, I can’t let it stress me out. I try and find time to do something small during the week. Maybe throw a load of laundry in right when I get up, fold it later. Take a few minutes to wipe down a counter. Those few minutes will keep you sane throughout the week but cleaning is not your focus.

When I get home from work, I have lost 10 precious hours in my daughters’ day. Laundry and dishes are never my first priority when I get home, my family is. Household chores should NOT stress you out. They will get done, just do not let them consume your life and stress you out.

                Technique 2: Simplify your life. You will not be finding fancy meals at our house.  We have super simple meals that do not take a lot of time. These meals also double over for lunches the next day. Every single night after dinner, we get our lunches prepared for the next day.

                We have also learned to pack our daughters bag for the sitter the night before. This takes a TON of stress off in the morning, especially if you are running late.

Technique 3: Find Support. I know many working moms do not have support, either because they do not have a supportive partner or because they are single.  My heart truly goes out to the working moms who do not have support because it is hard. I could not do it without my husband. If I have had a hard day at work, my husband will take over at home. We also “tag team” everything. We take turns giving our daughter a bath, while the other may get her bag ready for the next day. We take turns putting our daughter to sleep. We are a team and I know his support has made working and being a mom doable. If you do not have support, reach out to someone close, or have a serious talk with your significant other. All moms need support, working or not.

Technique 4: Find me time/family time/love time. Honestly, work is the lowest of my priorities. I go because I have to. Work is not a “break” to me. Since work is not a break, take some time for yourself. Take a long bath. Go get a pedicure. I personally like wondering the aisles of Target by myself occasionally. Every mom needs some time to herself.

Spend time with your family. We often go on family dates. Our family dates are usually really cheap or free. We go to the park, take a walk or just act silly at home. Being together as a family takes away that stress from the work place.

Find some alone time with your love. This can get tricky with my husband and me. We work very different schedules now but we still find time to catch a few minutes alone together. Formal date nights are not in our budget right now. Staying up a little later to talk is just as much fun as going out on the town.  Keeping our relationship strong is key in making the most of my time as a working mom.

I hope all moms working or not, find my techniques useful. I do not have all the answers but I do try to focus on the most important things in life, my husband and my daughter.


                “The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow, but children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep! I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.” – Ruth Hamilton


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