Perks of Weaning

Well, I think that I have finally nearly officially weaned this big baby boy of mine.


I am still hanging on to my favorite morning nursing session…although I don’t think that it will last much longer.  I’m hardly producing any milk at all and I can tell that Mason is getting frustrated.  As long as I have milk (even if it’s a mere drop or two), I plan on treasuring those morning cuddle sessions that I get to have with him.  It’s the only time of the day that this little man sits still!  He’s definitely the most mischievous of our kids…I have a hard time believing that he’s only 13 months and not a 2-year-old!

Although weaning Mason has been a little sad (I’m not exactly sure why…I wasn’t this disheartened while weaning the older two), there are definitely some perks of weaning!

Perk #1:  He is finally officially sleeping through the night.  It.  Feels.  Amazing.

Perk #2: I don’t have to take Mason with me everywhere I go.  He was beginning to feel like an appendage.

Perk #3:  Someone else can put Mason to bed at night…which means that Jon and I can actually escape together!

Since we had Mason (January 2012) we have hardly had the chance to go anywhere together, just the two of us.  I took him out for a surprise early dinner (without kids) on his birthday, we went to a late showing of the Abraham Lincoln movie a few months ago (after Mason had already gone to bed), and we had Jon’s parents watch our kids outside of the L.A. Temple so that we could do a session together.  That’s it.  I know this is pretty typical for most couples out there!

In January, however, Jon found out that he won a special award.  He learned that he would need to accept the award at a no-cost formal dinner in Hollywood and that he could take one guest for free.  Hooray!

This was the final motivation that I needed to get on the ball as far as weaning Mason was concerned.  I really wanted to go to that award ceremony and eat that fancy food! 😉  And I especially wanted to have an excuse to be alone with Jon for an entire evening and support him in his achievement.

So the weaning process began.

At twelve months, Mason was still nursing at least 5 times a day.  I fed him on command, whenever he wanted it.  My first goal was to feed him on a schedule…no more feeding on command.  It was so hard to not give in to him whenever I knew that I wanted to nurse.  After giving him what he wanted for 12 months straight, I realized that I had created a monster.  Alas, I stuck to it and finally had him on a feeding schedule.  After that, I slowly eliminated one feeding at a time until I was left with just the morning feeding.

Surprisingly, I’m pretty sure that the whole weaning process was harder on me than on Mason.

I don’t know why it has been so hard on me.  I’m hoping more than anything that we’ll be blessed with at least one more baby so it’s not like I’m saying goodbye to my nursing days forever.  I think that it has something to do with the fact that I truly treasured nursing this time around.  I enjoyed every moment and wasn’t simply counting down the days when I could wean and get my body back to myself again.  I was more grateful than ever this time around that I had the opportunity to nurse my own child.  It truly is a blessing to be able to do so.

As is always the case, however, all good (and bad) things must eventually come to an end.

Thankfully, no more nursing meant that Jon and I got to go on an awesome date!


We walked around Citiwalk for a few hours and explored the stores, relaxed, and just enjoyed being together without hauling around diaper bags and strollers.  Not that I don’t enjoy my children (and appreciate diaper bags and strollers), but it is nice to have a break every so often. 🙂

We tried on the sorting hat from Harry Potter.



When it was time to go to the awards ceremony, we changed into our fancy clothes in one of the bathroom stalls in Citiwalk (which was pretty tricky…I didn’t want to wait around for a handicap stall and had to maneuver inside of a normal-sized one).

But we got all fancied up.


We were served a delicious 3 course dinner (we felt like we were in Downton Abbey).  Jon accepted his award.

Oh, and we couldn’t resist taking a few pictures with our good friend, Whoopi. 🙂



It felt like we were dating again!

The best part, however, was remembering that we weren’t just dating.  We were, in fact, already married and that we had three precious kids waiting for us at home.  A dream come true, for sure.

Yes, weaning definitely has its perks.

I am so blessed.

12 Days of Christmas for the Husband

Confession:  I can never think of anything good to buy my husband for Christmas (not to mention his birthday or our anniversary).  It has proven to be the most difficult part of our marriage.  🙂  I just have no creative juices inside of my brain when it comes to conjuring up unique ideas that will both surprise and benefit him.

That being said, I decided to make it easy on myself this year.  Rather than come up with one or two big presents to give him on Christmas Day, I chose to come up with 12 simple things.  They aren’t that great, but I suppose it’s the thought that counts, right?  Besides, Jon loves me no matter what I give him for Christmas. 🙂

I’m going to start giving him one gift per day, beginning on December 13th (you know, the 12 Days of Christmas theme).

This website provided free cute little printable cards that I am going to put with each gift.

SO, without further ado, here is what I’ll be giving Jon for Christmas this year!

(I’m hoping that Jon won’t see this…I don’t think that he ever looks at this blog.  But if you’re reading this Honey, STOP!!). 🙂

Day 1:  One Organized Dresser (His dresser is a complete mess.  I’m planning on organizing and folding his G’s, his socks, and getting rid of a bunch of shirts that he never wears or that don’t fit him anymore.).

Day 2:  Two sticks of Chap-stick (We are constantly losing our chap-stick!).

Day 3:  Three Mod-podged Children (I totally thought that this would look better than it ended up as.  Oh well!  He can put this on his desk at work.).


Day 4: Four pairs of socks.

Day 5:  Five Giant Kisses (I’m going to make rice-crispy treats, shape them into chocolate kiss shapes, and then wrap them in tinfoil.)

Day 6:  Six Engagement Pictures (Something else to take to work!  Or, I suppose we can hang it in our bedroom.  We were lucky enough to have someone hide and take pictures of our actual proposal.  We already had the temple date set, however, I wasn’t planning on getting an actual ring anytime soon!  By the way, I just printed off the photos at Wal-mart, painted some scrap wood black, and then mod-podged the photos on the wood.  Easy!  I loved making this.  Although our physical appearances have changed a bit — we are still madly in love with each other!) 🙂





Day 7:  Seven special features with a movie (okay…this was a big stretch!).

Day 8:  Eight Back Massages (I got the coupons for these here).

Day 9:  Nine Codes to Crack (I picked a random book off of our shelf and I’m going to come up with 9 different codes that he has to crack.  I’m planning on giving him 9 lists of numbers that will create sentences.  He has to turn to a certain page, paragraph, line, and word.  Or something.  I’m still working on it!).

Day 10:  Ten Reasons I Love You (I printed them off on a small wallet-sized card and laminated it.  That way he can keep it in his wallet!  I should have had this be the last day…it was hard stopping at ten!).

Day 11:  Eleven Slim Jim Snacks (These sausages are disgusting but he loves them).

Day 12:  Twelve Oreo Cookies (What?  Did you expect something big on the last day?  Hopefully he doesn’t!  We hardly ever have store-bought cookies…so this will be a treat for him!). 🙂

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing for Jon this year!

If it works out, then I may end up making it a tradition!

On The Hour

This year for Valentines I did something really fun.  I got the idea off of a blog I follow, Thirty Handmade Days.  It’s called the On The Hour gift.  You put together little gifts and then throughout the day your loved one gets to open a gift at the same time every hour.

Michael was so surprised and pleased to wake up to a basket/dresser full of gifts on Valentines morning and he said he had so much fun looking forward to every hour and what he was going to open.

It may sound like a big thing, but a lot of the presents were small and that is what makes this workable.  For instance, a three of the cards were with his breakfast, lunch and dinner…something he would be getting anyway.  Other things included a package of goldfish crackers saying he was “the only fish in the sea” for me.  Or a Lakers poster saying our love was a “slam dunk”.

You just customize it to your loved one and a bunch of little gifts go a long way into making the day special for that person.

This isn’t just a good Valentines idea.  You can use it for a birthday or anniversary too.  Or a just because I love you day.  Get creative!

Speaking of anniversaries, our 6-year wedding anniversary is this weekend and we’re going to Vegas baby!  So next week I’m sure I’ll be posting many mommy moments about missing my kids, calling my kids, and maybe a fun Hotel review or trip happening!